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Trump’s Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals

The following entries are a partial record of Trump’s executive orders and directives. Entries are posted according to the week of his presidency that they occurred. Most recent weeks will be at the top.

Seventh Week of the Trump Presidency

• WikiLeaks undermines the CIA by dumping classified information regarding surveillance techniques. CIA intelligence gathering became obsolete over night. Nigel Farage, a Trump/UK go-betweenl was seen visiting the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Julian Assange is hiding shortly before the dump.
• Jeff Sessions had a third meeting, April 2016, with Sergey Kislyak.
• Trump appoints Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia. Trump had formerly accused Huntsman of giving away American interests to the Chinese when he served as Chinese Ambassador.
• Trump spends 31% of his time on vacation. Played golf 9 times in 7 weeks on the tax payers dime. Tax payers are also paying 30 million a month to keep Melania and Baron safe in New York
• Trump calls for a 20 billion dollar national school voucher program. Is this the end of public education?
• PolitiFact, a non partisan fact checking organization, found that 70% of Trump’s post election statements are false or mostly false – the same as during the campaign. No surprise there!
• China grants Trump 38 more trademarks for his businesses. Feinstein seeks judicial action as this is a blatant violation of the Emolument’s Clause which forbids officials from receiving “gifts”.
• Trump fires 46 Obama appointed federal attorneys without having replacements. He has cut the state department staff by 37% and eliminated all senior officials who have an institutional memory of the department. Rex Tillerson remains unavailable to reporters.
• Trump plans to cut NOAA’s budget by $1,000,000. NOAA studies how the climate is changing.
• Trump issued and executive order to initiate a review of the Clean Water Rule/Waters of the US (WOTUS).
• Trump accuses Obama of releasing 122 Gitmo detainees who have reengaged in terrorism. False! 113 of the 122 were released by Bush!
• Trump claims he had no knowledge that Flynn was a foreign lobbyist for Turkey during his campaign and while Flynn was receiving security briefings. Warnings were given to the transition teams.
• Trump is sending ground troops to Syria despite experts saying there can be no military solution to the conflict and Assad stating that he views these uninvited troops as invaders.
• At least 6 states are challenging Trump’s Muslim ban in court. States argue that the new executive order will have profound and detrimental effects on state economies.
• Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reverses the ban on lead use in ammunition and fishing tackle, a ruling that was put in place to protect animals that are vulnerable to lead poisoning such as the condor and other raptors.
• Rep. Jason Chaffetz tells poor people to stop buying I-phones if they want health care – make a choice.
• Iowa Representative Steven King states that you can’t restore a civilization with someone else’s babies.
• In an address to staff, HUD Department Head Ben Carson stated he preferred performing brain surgery on young people because they generally live longer and the slaves who came here were immigrants, who worked hard for really less.
• The Dept. of Labor proposes a new regulation which would delay an Obama fiduciary rule which required investment brokers to work towards their client’s best interests.
• Scott Pruitt, EPA Chief stated, that CO2 does not cause climate change. EPA is expected to attack critical pollution standards for cars and light weight trucks
• Budget cuts to EPA would eliminate the Environmental Justice budget and cut funding to grants for pollution clean-up. These grants have distributed 24 million dollars to over 1400 affected mostly minority communities.
• Republican Congress rolls out Trumpcare; More than 24 million people could lose health care by 2026. Wealthy people benefit disproportionately due to a standardized subsidy which results in 600 billion in tax cuts for the rich. AARP states that a 64 year old man making $15,000/yr. could face premiums of up to $8,400. Medicaid would be defunded after the midterm elections. Women would face discriminatory financial repercussions for being poor, using birth control, or being pregnant. It also includes a provision which limits law suits against medical device companies.

Sixth Week of the Trump Presidency

• Trump accused President Obama of ordering wire tapping at Trump Towers prior to the election. Former FISA and FBI officials deny the White House ordered wire tapping. (As a result of Watergate, the president and the White House do not have the authority to authorize wire tapping.) Trump wants an investigation.
• Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, has recused himself from investigations involving Trump administrative connections to Russia. This occurred after he was accused of lying under oath about having no meetings with Russian officials during the campaign; he had at least 2 meetings with Russian officials. One of Sessions’ meetings with Sergey Kislyak took place at the same time as the RNC presidential convention. Republican Party support for Ukraine was dropped during the RNC convention.
• Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has stock in the Russian parent company that has contracts to provide foreign steel for the Keystone XL Pipeline. Contrary to what he has already stated, Trump has excluded requirements that American steel be used for construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.
• The Dept. of Justice is disputing previous findings in DOJ reports that systemic policing abuses in Ferguson and Chicago have occurred.
• The Dept. of Justice overturned several court decisions that a Texas voter–ID law is discriminatory to minorities.
• Trump signed an executive order which guts the Clean Water Rule. This rule protects the water of 60% of America’s water bodies and the drinking water of 1/3 of the U.S. population
• Trump blamed Jewish people for the bomb threats to Community Centers and the vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries.
• Trump stated that Obama is responsible for the protests at Republican Town Halls and rallies and the “leaks” in agencies.
• Trump’s budget proposal includes a 54 billion dollar increase for the military at the expense of domestic agencies and programs. His budget proposal slashes the EPA budget by 24% and EPA staff by 20%. Pruitt again announced his support to eliminate the EPA after being confirmed as EPA Administrator.
• Trump has signed executive orders to change the order of succession if the Attorney General resigns.
• Trump stated, “Civil liberties end when an attack on our safety begins”.
• Trump is spending his 4th weekend at Mar-a-Lago. (Camp David is apparently not an option- “It’s rustic, but only good for about 30 minutes”.)
• Trump proposes a new program titled VOICE, Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement. The agency will publish and promote information which focuses on crimes committed by immigrants whether legal or undocumented. He made no mention of providing information regarding crimes committed against immigrants.
• During his “Address to Congress”, Trump stated that his Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis told him that the Yemen raid, which resulted in a navy seal’s death, generated large amounts of vital intelligence. Intelligence officials stated that it didn’t.
• The DHS is considering a plan to separate children from their parents if the family is apprehended at the border. DHS argues that this will protect children from exploitation, but there has been no mention of investigating and then reuniting families.
• SLPC, Southern Poverty Law Center has documented 1,372 post election hate-related incidents.
• As Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence used a private email account with top advisors on topics ranging from security gates to the state’s response to terrorist threats.
• Scott Pruitt, the new EPA chief, may also have used private email accounts when he served as Oklahoma’s Attorney General.
• Trump sold personal property to a Russian oligarch, possibly a Putin emissary, for 2 ½ times the assessed value of the property before the election.
• Prior to the election, Trump’s plane and a Russian oligarch’s personal plane were seen at the same airports at the same time far more often than would be termed a coincidence.

Fifth week of the Trump Presidency

• Trump requested funding for 15,000 more immigration and border patrol agents.He has also requested that local police help with immigration deportation.
• Trump excluded newspaper and TV organizations which he feels are spreading Fake News about him from attending a news briefing.(This action is unprecedented.)
• Trump is spending his 4th weekend at Mar-a-Lago.
• Trump removed federal protections for Transgender individuals to use the bathroom of the sex with which they identify saying it was best left to states.
• Trump was tweeting from a location outside the situation room during the ill-planned Yemen raid which resulted in the death of a navy seal, the wounding of 4 other seals, and the death of over 30 civilians. (His indifference to this life and death situation is indefensible.)
• Trump requested massive funding increases for the military to enable a huge military build-up. (He supports an increase and upgrade of nuclear warheads.)
• Jeff Sessions continues to refuse to recuse himself from being part of the investigation involving Trump, his officials, and the Russians.
• 6 White House staffers failed to pass FBI background checks and were escorted out. (Apparently no one bothered checking them before they were appointed.)
• Bannon stated that he intended to deconstruct the government at the CPAC meeting (Conservative Political Action Committee)

Fourth Week of the Trump Presidency

• Trump referred to a terrorist attack in Sweden that didn’t take place.
• Andrew Puzder withdraws from the confirmation process for Labor Secretary once Puzder realized that he did not have enough senate votes to be confirmed. Puzder was accused of hiring an undocumented immigrant and there were allegations of domestic abuse by his ex-wife which were later withdrawn.
• Michael Flynn resigns from his post as chief security advisor amid reports that he was in contact with Russian officials regarding policy before the election and after the election but before the inauguration. Trump claimed that Flynn was asked to resign not because he did anything wrong, but because he was not honest with Pence.
• Trump orders an investigation of the “leaks” in government, but not Flynn’s involvement with Russians during the election because Flynn was only doing his job.
• Trump stated that his administration had inherited a “mess” and was running like a fine tuned machine.
• Trump claims he has a 55% approval rating, but PEW puts his approval rating at 39.3% when the poll focus is on live phone calls. Gallop polls place Trump’s approval rate at 41%.
• Trump created a security breech which occurred when Trump discussed the North Korean missile launch in an open air restaurant at Mar-a-Lago; he also created a security breech when pictures of the agent in charge of the “Football” were shared by private citizens at the same event.
• Trump suggested that a Black reporter set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus after she asked whether he was going to meet with them. He continued by saying that he would love to talk with the Black Caucus. A Black Caucus member who heard the news conference tweeted back that the Black Caucus had tried to set up a meeting with Trump, but Trump never got back to them.
• In his last news conference on Friday, Trump insisted that the news media is quoting fake news and is the enemy of the American people. He qualified this statement by saying that security leaks were real, but the news reporting the information from the leaks is “Fake News”.
• When fielding questions at the end of his last news conference, Trump implied that he only wanted to be asked questions that were supportive of him and his policies. After making this request, Trump criticized a news reporter who asked him a question that Trump felt questioned his policy.
• Trump fires Shermichael Singleton, a HUD appointee of Ben Carson, who made statements during the 2016 campaign that Trump was taking the Republican party to a new moral low. He was referencing Trump’s campaign rhetoric about African Americans.
• Trump claimed that only criminals or individuals who pose a threat are being deported, but 186 out of 700 of the known undocumented immigrants who have been deported had no criminal records at all.
• Leaks of draft documents indicate that the Trump administration was considering using 100,000 National Guard troops to aid in the deportation process. Pundits are discussing if this could be a new Administrative ploy to undermine the credibility of the press once it’s reported but the administration takes no action to do this.
• Trump has begun holding rallies for his supporters in preparation for his 2020 campaign.

Third Week of the Trump Presidency

• Shut down the White House comment line. Afterwards he made the comment that no one was upset about the re-issuance of permits for the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline as he had received no comments.
• Issued a unilateral directive to stop the addition of any new protections for health and safety, finance, the environment, or the workplace.
• When questioned by a commentator about Putin’s war crimes including the mass killing of civilians and aggression against neighboring countries including the annexation of Crimea, Trump asserted that the U.S. was just as bad.
• Vowed to destroy the Johnson amendment which does not allow religious organizations to participate in or intervene in any political campaign for or against a candidate if they want to keep their tax free status.
• Claimed that over 70 terrorist attacks were unreported by the media. News media provided records that his statement was false.
• Claimed that the military action in Yemen, which resulted in the death of a navy seal and possibly as many as 30 civilians, was a success.
• Criticized Nordstrom for dropping his daughter’s clothing line.
• During a gathering of sheriffs, a question was asked about search and seizure. A sheriff complained that a state senator wanted to prevent seizure until after a conviction. Trump asked for the name of the senator and then said he would destroy the senator’s career.
• When deportations were begun in 6 states, trump said that estimates of 100 people being deported were grossly exaggerated. Over 160 were deported.
• Continues to maintain that 1000’s of voters were bussed from Massachusetts to vote fraudulently in New Hampshire.
• Re-implemented the Global Gag Rule which affects 27 million couples and women who can no longer receive contraception.

Second Week of the Trump Presidency

• A failed military action initiated by Trump resulted in the death of a navy seal and perhaps up to 30 civilians including 10 women and children. Critics indicated that the strike had not been thoroughly planned and had not had sufficient intelligence gathering. Trump advisors tried to blame the Obama administration for the tragedy, but the facts revealed that the Obama administration had no involvement with this action.
• Issued an executive order to require 2 regulations to be removed for any new one that is added.
• Ordered the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to delete all information pertaining to the use of animals in federally funded research from its website. Even updates on court cases that have not been adjudicated were removed.
• Failed to mention Jews on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
• Trump instructed his female staff to dress like women.
• Trump has begun his assault on Dodd-Frank, the Wall Street Reform and Protection Act, a protection for American citizens.
• Threatened to cut federal funding for U.C. Berkeley when outside agitators intervened in a peaceful student protest, a direct violation of 1st amendment rights.
• Threatened consequences to Iran for launching a missile. The missile launch that was not prohibited in the treaty that was signed.
• Argued with the Australian Prime Minister over treaty obligations requiring the U.S. to accept refugee

First Week of the Trump Presidency

• Banned Muslims from 7 different majority Muslim countries from immigrating to the U.S. None of the targeted countries or their citizens have been tied to terrorist attacks in the U.S. Shamefully, Trump did not ban Muslims from majority Muslim countries where he had personal business holdings even if they were countries from which terrorists have been harbored or supported by their governments such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
• Deleted all reference to climate change information from the White House website.
• Issued gag orders regarding the exchange of climate change information in federal agencies.
• Reinstated the Global Gag Order which eliminates funding for contraception to any foreign non governmental agency which counsels clients about abortion.
• Reactivated the Keystone Pipeline and ordered the Corps of Engineers to expedite their review of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
• Directed the Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of the Interior to determine how best to proceed with constructing the “Wall for which Mexico will pay”.
• Issued deportation orders for undocumented immigrants who have been accused of a crime even if they weren’t ever brought to court and threatened penalizing “Sanctuary Cities” with loss of federal funding.
• Withdrew from the TPP and expressed his intent to reopen negotiations of NAFTA.
• Hinted that the U.S. may have another chance to go back into Iraq and take its oil. (Critics believe this statement could place our soldiers at risk and constitute a war crime!)
*Offended the Chinese by entering into diplomatic relations with the Taiwanese government.



  1. Nance

    Hillary was NOT to struggling middle class’s best hope.
    But thank you, Faith, for all you do!!!

    1. Faith Strailey

      Hi Nance,
      I don’t believe that you feel that Trump was a better choice. The last election had two candidates who were contenders, Trump and Hillary. The other candidates did not have any chance of winning the election. To my mind, not voting for Hillary was a vote for Trump. We now have a Trump presidency. Are you happy with the outcome? I am mortified. The question is, what will you do to help stop the attack on progressive legislation that people like me have fought for, for the last four or more decades.

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