Oct 13

Our Fantastically New Updated Website


After our illustrious Webmaster managed to destroy our last website, heWebsite-Construction1-300x169[1] has been diligently working in the dungeon to get this new site up and running. Hima culpa, hima culpa.

This is a work in progress but we certainly hope you will like and enjoy our efforts here. After all, this is really for your edification and illumination about who we are, where we are and what we do.

We really hope that we can motivate you to come to one of our monthly meetings – no obligation whatsoever but of course we will try to interest you in our club membership. Its only $15.00 per year and we have a lot of fun while we educate and inform the citizens of West Fresno. No, you do not have to live here in order to join.

Oct 19

Rob Rowen – The People’s Advocate

Ted Gaines has had 8 years to craft solutions for our rural county’s problems. Under his leadership, our county has not prospered. We must work together to elect Rob Rowen, the Democratic state senate candidate for District 1.

Rob Rowen is not a career politician and holds no ties to special interests. He has been a lifelong resident of rural California and understands the problems we experience. He recognizes the need to engage in bipartisan cooperation to promote “common sense solutions” which will improve our rural economy and vitality.

Rowen will fight for the creation of tax incentives to encourage new business and for the passage of laws that lower taxes for working families and small businesses. He wants to close corporate loopholes which will reduce the tax burden borne by the “Middle Class” and provide funds for necessary services. He opposes pork barrel projects and misuse of public funds. He opposes the Bullet Train which he feels is poorly planned, far too expensive, and does little to benefit our rural economy.

Rowen seeks to protect our northern California water resources. He supports the construction of the Sites Reservoir and wise water use to aid in our struggle to mitigate the effects of drought. He believes that projects such as the Delta Tunnels are ill conceived and would require wasteful spending. He also wants to advocate for fair compensation of Northern California water that is sent to Southern California.

He supports the use of biomass to create jobs for displaced timber workers and to help make our rural counties more energy self-sufficient. By clearing forest floors, catastrophic fires could be minimized, and our forests could be returned to a healthier state.

Rowen is an advocate for securing funds to modernize our infrastructure and provide reliable high speed, broad band internet access. Repairing and improving infrastructure will create local jobs and improving internet capabilities will increase the ability of local entrepreneurs to compete in the open market more successfully. He also wants to work towards the creation of more “green energy” jobs, including the development of tourism, will help bring prosperity to our region. Job creation, tourist dollars, and the growth of successful private businesses will support our local economy benefiting all of us.

He has expressed deep concern over the continuing reduction of health services in rural counties. When the closest healthcare facility is miles or even hours away, unavailability of healthcare can mean the difference between life and death. One of Rob’s goals is to restore primary healthcare access to meet the healthcare needs of our citizens.

Ted Gaines has failed our rural counties. Rob Rowen offers a positive direction for rural California. I suggest that Region 1 citizens vote for change and cast their votes for Rob Rowen, state senate!

Oct 10

Jim Reed – He Will Fight for All of Us

Jim Reed, the Democratic candidate running against Doug LaMalfa for congress, had a lot to say at the October 1st Plumas County Democratic Meet and Greet.

Reed emphasized that a major difference between himself and LaMalfa is that LaMalfa wants government to fail while he wants government to succeed. He referenced LaMalfa’s obstructionism and promotion of gridlock. Reed reminded the audience that LaMalfa supported the government shut down which created so much chaos. Reed supports bipartisan politics which is critical to a functional government.

Reed stressed the differences in their approaches to using water resources. LaMalfa uses water resources to benefjt himself . When drought restrictions for farmers were relaxed (HR5781), LaMalfa sold the surface water he received to southern California turning a hefty profit. He then irrigated his own crops with water from aquifers which are being drained so fast they are collapsing and creating subsidence. Jim Reed wants to protect northern California water resources for northern Californians. Any water that goes to southern California should be sold to benefit all Californians and not individuals. He also believes in a balanced approach in dealing with the environment. Endangered species should not be sacrificed to support continued water waste or profits for a few individuals.

A third area of disagreement between LaMalfa and Reed involved their views toward the military. LaMalfa favors using independent contractors to support military operations. Reed said he favors a self-sufficient military. Training military personnel to perform necessary tasks reduces costs to taxpayers by keeping expenditures lower. It also promotes skill development which military personnel can transfer to mainstream society.

Doug LaMalfa supports legislation that promotes the interests of big farming and corporations; Jim Reed hopes to work for the benefit of the rest of us. He has earned my vote!

Oct 10

Doug LaMalfa- Not One of Us

Doug LaMalfa has been our congressional representative for two terms. During his tenure he has shown little concern for the public welfare.

Govtrak.org.us indicates that LaMalfa rarely supports bipartisan bills. In fact, 91% of the bills that LaMalfa supported were of Republican origin. He voted for the government shut down giving government workers an unexpected paid holiday, costing contract government workers lost wages, and denying U.S. citizens access to government services.

LaMalfa has a 14% rating from AFL-CIO based on his lack of support for working families, even opposing workplace safety regulations. He opposes an increase in the minimum wage although current wages keep many working families at the poverty level. He has accepted millions of dollars in farming subsidies, but considers social security an entitlement and wants it privatized and medicare cut. He supports Citizen’s United, and voted against bills which would improve transparency in government and campaign funding. Whom is LaMalfa supporting? Certainly not us!

The U.S. ranks 23rd in the world with regard to women’s equality. Planned Parenthood and Population Connection give LaMalfa a 0% rating on women’s health issues and reproductive rights. He went so far as to vote against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and “Equal Pay” legislation.

LaMalfa has also been awarded a 0% rating from the League of Conservation Voters which tracks voting records on environmental issues. He is against EPA regulations which require that permits be issued prior to a business discharging illegal levels of pesticides into lakes and rivers and expanding EPA protection to more waterways.

LaMalfa doesn’t support working families, women, environmental protection, government transparency, and believes corporations are people. Even the HSUS gave him a 0% rating on humane issues. Apparently he doesn’t support humane treatment of animals either.

Sep 27

IN Defense of Hillary

In Defense of Hillary

Mistrust and hatred have been directed towards Hillary Clinton, but it is not justified. Her defenders argue that her detractors have unleashed a relentless bombardment of criticism since her earliest years in the public eye. Misogyny, which is almost as pervasive as racism, is often cited as a key factor behind the criticism. No other politician has been scrutinized and unjustly condemned as much as Hillary. Not even a cough will pass unnoticed or commented upon.

Hillary has accomplished much in the last forty years; she has pursued an unwavering course defending the forgotten citizens of this country. She fought for universal health care turning defeat into victory by obtaining health care for millions of uninsured children. She fought for the inclusion of disabled students in public schools, students who had formerly been left to languish without access to education and peer interaction. If actions speak louder than words, Hillary has demonstrated empathy and caring throughout her public life. She can be trusted to work for justice and equality.

Hillary is the struggling middle class’s best hope. Hillary recognizes and addresses the social issues which affect poverty and the ability of individuals to improve their economic well being. She understands and supports the need for access to affordable education and income equality in the work place. She champions women’s health care and the “right to choose” which allow women to be proactive in family planning and personal health care decisions. She wants to end Citizen’s United and pass laws which ensure that corporations pay their fair share. She wants to ensure that every qualified American has the right and the ability to vote. She recognizes the dangers of climate change and the urgent need to address it. She believes that protecting the environment is in the best interests of all mankind.

Her devotion to service is unparalleled. She was on duty 24/7 fighting for New York in the aftermath of 9/11 as a New York senator. As Secretary of State, she helped bring about the demise of Osama bin Laden and curb Iranian development of nuclear weapons. Her diplomacy is respected by world leaders and diplomats throughout the free world.

Hillary and her husband rose out of poverty to become successful and influential. Unlike Trump who has used his wealth and position to increase his personal self-gain, often at an expense to others and with no tax responsibility, the Clintons have chosen to use their influence and assets to benefit millions of the poor. Hillary should be lauded not despised or hated. Hillary deserves our vote!

Sep 09

The Danger of Trump

I have watched with dismay as Donald Trump ascended within the Republican Party to become its presidential nominee. This is a man who built his fortune by leaving contractors unpaid, utilizing illegal workers to cut costs, and filing for bankruptcies at least four times to preserve his investments while devastating his employees. Is this the American way? Should we patronize Americans who profit by destroying others?

What kind of person is Donald Trump? He has stated that his donations to political campaigns are clearly advanced with the expectation that he will receive a favor. He has no concept that people can donate with no expectations for personal gain. His stand on unauthorized immigrants is to deport and build a wall. There is no mention of addressing the problems that drive individuals to send their children to a nation of perceived safety and promise. This is a man who mocked a disabled journalist on national TV, ridiculed members of his own political party, views his sacrifices equal to that of a “Gold Star” family, uses immature, inflammatory statements to deal with protestors or critics even hinting or taunting for mob violence. He suggested that Russia hack our intelligence, and that our entire political process is rigged. How can a man such as this be the leader of the free world?

After watching September 8th’s Commander in Chief Forum, it is even more painfully clear that Trump does not have the qualities of a president. He heaped praise on Vladimir Putin, essentially a dictator, attacked our military generals, and has stated that he knows more about ISIS than the military. When it comes to leadership, there is nothing more dangerous than a person who thinks they know everything when in truth they know little, if anything.

How can informed, ethical voters support Trump? We must work harder than ever to elect Hilary Clinton as our President, Jim Reed as our congressman, and Rob Rowen as our state senator.

Faith Strailey

Sep 09

Plumas County Hosts Jim Reed and Rob Rowen Oct. 1st

Plumas County Democrats are providing an opportunity for voters to meet Jim Reed and Rob Rowen, our 2 regional candidates on October 1st.

Rob Rowen – State Senate
Jim Reed – U.S. Congress

There will be multiple county stops!

October 1st
Young’s Market, 4368 Main Street
(Lunch: 11:30 – 12:00; Meet and Greet: 12:00-1:30)
Graeagle Frostee, Hwy 89 & Johnsville Rd.
Quincy County Library, 445 Jackson Street:

Please join us!

May 05

The Importance of the June 7 Primary

As you are all well aware, Plumas County is a “Red” county. We are one of eleven counties which comprise District 1, a “Red” district. Our Democratic candidates are fighting an uphill battle and need the support of each Democrat in our district. Rob Rowen and Jim Reed have an additional hurdle to overcome in that California passed legislation which limits choices for state offices on the November ballot to the top 2 scoring candidates in the primary. If Rob and/or Jim do not score 1st or 2nd in the primary, their names will not be on the November ballot!

There are presently three candidates running for California state senator.
Rob Rowen(D); Ted Gaines(R); and Steve Baird( R and SOJ supporter). We may see the Republican voters split between Ted Gaines and Steve Baird. If every Democrat votes for Rob and he can attract enough independents, he may be able to earn a slot on the November ballot.

Jim (James) Reed, will be running in a national election for U.S. House of Representatives. Currently he is running against Doug LaMalfa (R), who has already raised $422,699, and 5 other serious candidates: Gregory Cheadle (R), Joe Montes (R), Doug Wright (R), David Peterson (D), Jeffrey Gerlach (I). (Gary Oxley is running, but has raised no money.)

Brian Dahle (R), incumbent for state assembly, is running unopposed.

Plumas County is now entirely mail-in for ballots. It is critical that everyone return his or her ballot so that it is postmarked on or before the day of the election, June 7th. The staff of the County Registrar of Voters has assured the public that they will make every attempt to see that all returned ballots are counted. If they identify any errors that will invalidate the ballot, they will return it to the sender so that the ballot can be corrected and mailed back.
Please be sure to watch the mail for your ballot!

Oct 12

Beginning Right Now a New Presidential Campaign

It’s a New Presidential Campaign for 2016 beginning right now!

Get involved. Get out the information.

Help us help you help Our Area.


Get ON your ASS and Vote Democratic ONLY!

Remember: a vote for a republican is a vote for the tea party!WhistlingDonkey[1]

Oct 12

Automatic Voter Registration

On Saturday, October 10th, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown signed into law measures which will eventuallyCheck make voter registration automatic for ALL California citizens who get or renew a California drivers license.

The bill was a priority of newly elected Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who championed its provisions during his election bid.

This makes California the second state to enact such measures much to the chagrin of republican and right wing conservative political punsters who want to restrict voter registration as much as possible. Republicans see widespread voter participation as a challenge to their desire to limit voting to white, property owning males.