Trump’s First 100 days: Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals

A Partial Record of Trump’s Executive Orders & Directives

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Trump Chokes

Fourteenth Week of the Trump Presidency

  • Trump has only introduced 1 out of the 10 major pieces of legislation for whose passage he vowed to fight in the first 100 days of his administration.
  • Trump’s new tax plan overwhelmingly favors the rich. It cuts corporate taxes to 15%, repeals the inheritance tax, and cuts the capital gains tax which funds the ACA. Cost analysis projects that trillions of dollars will be added to the national debt.
  • Trump is hoping to give a 4 billion dollar tax cut to his kids as he takes away health care from millions of Americans. Many are cautiously optimistic that Trumpcare 2 will fail to get to a floor vote due to bipartisan opposition.
  • Trump said he is considering proposals to dissolve the 9th circuit court for blocking his executive orders. The court contends they are unconstitutional.
  • Trump wants to completely defund the state department’s Office for International Women’s Empowerment.
  • Trump threatened Canadians that he would pull the U.S. out of NAFTA over milk and softwoods, but then said that instead of abandoning NAFTA, he may renegotiate it.
  • Trump signed an executive order instructing the Department of the Interior to review all national monuments created through the “Antiquities Act” since 1996. His action is intended to benefit corporations.
  • Trump spent 31 days out of his first 100 at his vacation resorts.
  • Trump admits that he didn’t realize that serving as president would be so hard.
  • Courts ruled against part of Trump’s executive order to punish sanctuary cities with loss of funds. They ruled that his order was unconstitutional as it was overreaching in requiring local police to take on the duty of seizing and holding illegal immigrants.
  • Fox polls indicate that 55% of Americans are eager to vote Trump out of office.
  • The Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the Russia/Trump Campaign has stalled. It has 7 part time staffers, none have expertise or experience in complex investigations, none are lawyers, and no witnesses have been called. 46 staffers (mostly full time) were assigned to Benghazi.
  • Jeff Sessions accuses undocumented Mexicans of getting $40 billion in tax credits over the last 10 years. He used statistics which included legal foreign workers who made up 50% of the total and failed to recognize that the tax credits were being given to American born children.
  • The State Department illegally promoted Mar-a-lago with glitzy photos and flowery descriptions on its website. The post was taken down after public online furor erupted. Using taxpayer money to promote Trump’s private club would be an impeachable offence.
  • Democrats release documents showing that Flynn committed crimes while serving in the Trump Administration and the White House was covering it up.
  • Pelosi reveals 7 “poison pills” in the current government funding bill that will destroy water and air.
  • Ajit Pai, President Trump’s Federal Communication Commission Chairman, has announced a plan to end net neutrality.
  • North Carolina Republicans vote to make it legal to hit protesters with cars if protestors run out in front of a car.
  • Jared Kushner committed a crime if he lied about having contacts with foreign governments on his security clearance form. Should he lose his security clearance?
  • Jeff Sessions failed to renew the charter for the National Commission on Forensic Science. This commission is responsible for promoting validity in testing and improving federal coordination of forensic science. Without the commission, forensic evidence used in trials is not subject to oversight and may or may not be valid.
  • A GOP judge, Doug McCullough retires early to allow the Democratic Governor to choose a Democratic replacement. Republicans have been trying to reduce the number of judges on the court so that the governor will be unable to select a new judge.
  • Chomsky doubles down on statement that the Republican party is the most dangerous group in history.
  • Nearly 75% of Americans disapprove of Congress; only 20% approve.
  • Bloomberg reports that retailers are going bankrupt at a record pace under Trump’s watch. In 3 months, 14 chains have announced that they will seek court protection in dealing with bankruptcy.
  • A Washington Post/ABC News poll indicated that only 2% of Trump supporters regret electing him.
  • The World Trade Organization has ruled that the U.S. can’t require Mexican fishers to avoid killing dolphins while catching tuna to be sold in the U.S.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s First 100 days: Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals

    1. Hi Nance,
      I don’t believe that you feel that Trump was a better choice. The last election had two candidates who were contenders, Trump and Hillary. The other candidates did not have any chance of winning the election. To my mind, not voting for Hillary was a vote for Trump. We now have a Trump presidency. Are you happy with the outcome? I am mortified. The question is, what will you do to help stop the attack on progressive legislation that people like me have fought for, for the last four or more decades.

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