Doug LaMalfa – Not One of Us

Doug LaMalfa has been our congressional representative for two terms. During his tenure he has shown little concern for the public welfare. indicates that LaMalfa rarely supports bipartisan bills. In fact, 91% of the bills that LaMalfa supported were of Republican origin. He voted for the government shut down giving government workers an unexpected paid holiday, costing contract government workers lost wages, and denying U.S. citizens access to government services.

LaMalfa has a 14% rating from AFL-CIO based on his lack of support for working families, even opposing workplace safety regulations. He opposes an increase in the minimum wage although current wages keep many working families at the poverty level. He has accepted millions of dollars in farming subsidies, but considers social security an entitlement and wants it privatized and medicare cut. He supports Citizen’s United, and voted against bills which would improve transparency in government and campaign funding. Whom is LaMalfa supporting? Certainly not us!

The U.S. ranks 23rd in the world with regard to women’s equality. Planned Parenthood and Population Connection give LaMalfa a 0% rating on women’s health issues and reproductive rights. He went so far as to vote against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and “Equal Pay” legislation.

LaMalfa has also been awarded a 0% rating from the League of Conservation Voters which tracks voting records on environmental issues. He is against EPA regulations which require that permits be issued prior to a business discharging illegal levels of pesticides into lakes and rivers and expanding EPA protection to more waterways.

LaMalfa doesn’t support working families, women, environmental protection, government transparency, and believes corporations are people. Even the HSUS gave him a 0% rating on humane issues. Apparently he doesn’t support humane treatment of animals either.

2 thoughts on “Doug LaMalfa – Not One of Us

    1. We definitely do. It is not enough to expose LaMalfa as the poor representative that he is; we must have someone people can rally around to run against him.

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