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Watch LaMalfaOppose HR 861, which terminates the EPA. The EPA is essential to protecting our health. No corporation should be allowed to make a profit at the expense of the American public. Medical and environmental problems resulting from industrial pollution of our water, air, and soil and destruction of our natural resources are not acceptable.

Oppose HR 226, the African Elephant Conservation and Legal Ivory Act. This law applies to ivory obtained before 2014. It opens the floodgates to the sale and trade of illegal ivory and the continued slaughter of this incredible animal. American citizens are one of the worlds biggest consumers of elephant ivory. We are fueling the African elephant extinction. Please stop this travesty.

Support HR 699, which prohibits the conduct of a first use nuclear strike absent a declaration of war. No one person should be able to start a nuclear war. Please recognize tht this is a responsibility that should be shared by informed members of congress.

Please support H.R. 699, which would require a congressional declaration of war before the President could launch a first- strike nuclear attack. President Trump has not shown the knowledge, experience, objectivity, or judgment to have control of our nuclear arsenal. We need congress to help represent the needs of  American citizens.

Oppose cuts to agencies that directly serve the people. Congress must not strip services to provide funding for an already bloated military, a highly controversial and alienating border wall and border patrol, and a cruel and archaic deportation policy.

You can ask LaMalfa to support your area concern whether it is Medicare, social security, Planned Parenthood, the EPA, public health, public education, programs for the elderly like Meals on Wheels, NPR, PBS, NOAA, public transportation, alternative energy support, funding for infrastructure to spur job growth etc. Nearly everything that is nonmilitary or nonpolicing is on the chopping block.


Support HR 305 – the Tax Presidential Transparency Act which would require Trump to disclose his Income tax records

Please support HR 305, which would require president Trump to disclose his tax returns. We have a right to know if Trump is financially connected with Russian Oligarchs.

Oppose HR. 610, which repeals the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 and limits the authority of the Department of Education (ED) such that ED is authorized only to award block grants to qualified states. It establishes a 20 billion dollar voucher program. FAPE, Free and Appropriate Public Education, and ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act would be repealed. The bill establishes an education voucher program, through which each state shall distribute block grant funds among local educational agencies (LEAs) based on the number of eligible children within each LEA’s geographical area. From these amounts, each LEA shall: (1) distribute a portion of funds to parents who elect to enroll their child in a private school or to home-school their child, and (2) do so in a manner that ensures that such payments will be used for appropriate educational expenses.

Please oppose HR 610. Public Schools are one of the greatest institutions of our country. Equal access to quality standardized education is essential for  promoting a homogenous, well informed population. The voucher system will destroy this concept, benefit the rich, and penalize the poor.

Support the Lieu-Markey Bill. This bill prohibits the U.S. President from launching a nuclear missile as a first strike without a declaration of war by congress.

Please support the Lieu-Markey Bill, which requires an act of congress to initiate a nuclear missile first strike attack. No one person should be given the power to launch a nuclear attack.

Oppose authorizing funding the 25 billion dollar Border Wall. A border wall will not keep out drugs; drugs are coming through underground tunnels and checkpoints where walls have already been built. Unless the U.S. addresses the causes of drug use, drug use will remain in high demand and cartels will find alternate access for drug entry.

Please do not provide funding for a border wall. Advanced technology at borders, and addressing drugs as a health and social issue would be a much better use of money and would not disrupt the migration corridors of wildlife.

Oppose military funding which is reliant upon the gutting of domestic programs. Domestic programs protect and provide for our public health and safety, public education, health care access, civil rights protections, and maintenance and protection of our public lands and native species.

Please oppose a military budget that guts programs, which provide for the common good. Services that affect Americans on a regular basis should continue to be funded with our tax dollars.

Cosponsor H.R. 1243 Best Practices Act. This act will replace the use of 85% of the live animals used in medical training for combat situations.

Please support HR.1243 Best Practices Act. Manikins can be used in place of live animals to simulate battle injuries. We must end the cruel, inhumane use of animals for this purpose.

Oppose any proposal to curtail functions of the Consumer Protection Bureau. This bureau protects Americans from unfair financial practices by banks and small debt collectors.

Please protect the Consumer Protection Bureau. The Consumer Protection Bureau has recovered 12 billion dollars for 29 million victims. We need this continued protection to prevent financial institutions from acting unfairly and victimizing the American public.

The House Judiciary Committee members will debate and vote on investigating Donald Trump and his administration in response to the resolution of inquiry filed by Representative Jerry Nadler. Rep. Nadler’s resolution directs the Department of Justice to provide the House of Representatives with any and all information relevant to Trump and his associates’ conflicts of interest, ethical violations, and ties to Russia. Doug LaMalfa hasn’t signed on as a co-sponsor of Rep. Nadler’s demand to investigate Trump and key members of his current administration.

Please co-sponsor Rep. Nadler’s demand to investigate Trump and key members of his administration who assisted with his campaign. Officials in the Trump campaign have been accused of contacting Russian officials before and after the election. Americans need to know if there were more officials involved and whether or not Trump knew of or condoned these actions.

CALL Rep LaMalfa at (202) 225-3076

Trump has requested funding for 15,000 more ICE and border agents. Urge Doug LaMalfa to oppose additional funding for Immigration agents.

I oppose spending more money on deportation efforts. The Trump administration’s tyrannical approach to the immigration issue is un-American. I urge you to oppose any increase in funding for the removal of immigrants. I urge you instead, to support an immigration policy that gives undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship.

As you may have heard, H.J.Res. 69 passed. This resolution allows wolves, coyotes, bears and their young to be hunted and killed in their dens on Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges. It also allows bears to be caught in body gripping traps and hunted from airplanes. LaMalfa supported H.J. Res. 69! LaMalfa also supported H.J. Res. 44, which removes the opportunity for the public to submit comments on how BLM lands should be used. Public input into how our wildlife and our public lands are managed is being silenced.

Suggestion: Tell LaMalfa how angry you are and that the treatment of our wildlife and our public lands matters to you and that you will hold him accountable for his votes at the next election!

Support “We the People Amendment.” Co-sponsor H.J.R. 48  Don’t let corporate rule destroy Democracy

Support ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid. Don’t take away health care from millions. Americans need access to quality, affordable health care.

Support transparency in government. Co-sponsor a bill which nullifies presidential gag rules. Information from public agencies that is not related to national security should be available to the public free of obstacles which impede the Freedom of Information Act. American tax payers are supporting these agencies, we demand access to the information they gather.

Oppose HR 621, which allows the federal government to sell certain federal lands identified as suitable for disposal. Once these land are sold, the public will no longer have access to them.  Don’t let corporate greed destroy these lands for personal financial gain at the expense of the public.

Oppose HR 622, which eliminates law enforcement functions of forest service and BLM replacing them with block grants to states. Without specificity for conducting law enforcement, states may choose not to use funds for law enforcement. These areas could be pilfered and destroyed. Ensure ongoing protection.

Oppose H.J. Res. 54. This resolution would let corporations avoid paying a part of the taxes they owe. It would undo a rule that was passed to prevent big corporations from reaping millions of dollars in tax breaks by suddenly claiming it was a foreign corporation when it was still headquartered in the U.S. All corporations must pay their fair share of taxes.

Support HR 816, the Federal Accountability in Chemical Testing Act, which would require federal agencies to provide detailed accounting on the animals they are using and the advances they have made in developing, validating, accepting and utilizing alternative test methods to replace animal use. It is time to end the use of animals in research. We must develop and use alternative testing methods which do not require the use of live animals.

Oppose any legislation which would allow oil and gas drilling in in our national parks. Americans do not want their national parks defaced or their access to park lands limited by the activities of fossil fuel industries which seek private profit.

Senators Harris and Feinstein

Sadly, HR 69 (SB 18) passed the senate. Both Feinstein and Harris voted against it. The bill will allow predators such as wolves, coyotes, bears, and their young to be killed without regard in Alaskan refuges.

Thank Feinstein and Harris for their opposition, and urge Trump to not sign it.

Sadly, SJ RES. 34, which will repeal FCC online privacy protections has passed. If Trump signs the bill, personal information can be sold to the highest bidder. Corporate industry should not be able to overwhelm us with unwanted product advertisements. Thank Feinstein and Harris for voting against this bill. Urge Trump not to sign it.

Both Feinstein and Harris have agreed to vote against Gorsuch’s confirmation to the supreme court. Thank them for their vote and urge them to join in a filibuster if it is needed.

Oppose the Regulatory Accountability Act

Please oppose the Regulatory Accountability Act, which would make it harder for agencies to issue critical protections that people in the U.S. rely on for their health and safety: Rules that protect our air and water, workplace safety requirements, and more.

Oppose the Reins Act

Please oppose the REINS Act, which would prevent federal agencies from putting in place lifesaving standards that keep people in the U.S. safe. Effective, commonsense updates to everything from clean air standards to overtime rules could be completely tied up in red tape — indefinitely.

Oppose the Midnight Rules Relief Act

Please oppose the Midnight Rules Relief Act, which allows Congress to eliminate vital protections that Obama established in his final year as president. This includes actions like providing school breakfast to children and implementing lifesaving ozone pollution standards. Under this act, these rules and many others could be reversed all at once, without meaningful debate or public input.

Oppose SB 446. This bill allows concealed carry reciprocity which would force all 50 states to allow stalkers, domestic abusers, and people with no firearm safety training to carry concealed, loaded guns.

Please Oppose SB 446. Public safety requires responsible gun ownership by responsible people. SB 446 puts innocent persons at risk.

Oppose SJ Res. 11. This resolution reverses the BLM Flaring and Venting Rule which was designed to reduce the waste of natural gas on public lands.

Please oppose SJ Res. 11 and support the BLM Flaring and Venting Rule. Wasteful release of natural gas, which contributes to climate change, must be controlled. Our national resources should be carefully managed not wasted.

S. 375, the Endangered Species Act Settlement Reform act, would make it harder for citizens to ensure that species are considered for protection in a timely fashion. This bill would give local government, big oil, agriculture and other industries the right to veto settlements.

I urge you to oppose S.375, The Endangered Act Settlement Reform Act. It currently takes 12 years to obtain protections for endangered species. Over 40 species have gone extinct waiting for listing. We can not pass legislation which makes it even harder for a species facing extinction to gain protection.

Senator Harris co-sponsored S. 274, which was introduced by Sen. Feinstein. It nullifies the effect of the executive order banning refugees and people from 7 Muslim majority countries. Trump’s order is based on fear mongering, bigotry, and xenophobia which is counter to mainstream American values.

Oppose H.J. Res 44, which was passed by the house and seeks to overturn Planning 2.0, a rule which provides new opportunities for public input on how public lands are used. Planning 2.0 includes steps needed to ensure that important fish and wildlife habitats are intact ecosystems and has established procedures for preparing, revising, or amending land use plans.

Oppose H.J. Res. 54, which would let corporations avoid paying a part of the taxes they owe. It would undo a rule that was passed to prevent big corporations from reaping millions of dollars in tax breaks by suddenly claiming it was a foreign corporation when it was still headquartered in the U.S. All corporations must pay their fair share of taxes.

Oppose the Congressional Review Act, which would gut a number of public safeguards now and in the future. This could stop vital protections to health and safety including the BLM’s work to cut methane emissions and hold fossil fuel companies accountable for their emissions. It could also cut EPA’s protections for vulnerable communities living near high-risk chemical facilities.

Demand that the Oversight Committee investigate Trump’s conflict of interests between his personal business and protecting the interests of the American people. American citizens should not be short changed if Trump seeks to advance his personal empire by creating a “bad deal” for Americans. The presidency has never been sanctioned as a tool for personal gain.

Demand that the Oversight Committee investigate Flynn’s involvement in Russian interference of the election and whether there are other campaign officials involved.  The interference of Russia in American elections can not be undervalued. The American people must know the extent to which American campaign officials are involved. We need to know if Trump had any knowledge of Flynn’s actions, and if he condoned them.

Support transparency in government and Co-sponsor a bill which nullifies presidential gag rules. Information from public agencies that is not related to national security should be available to the public free of obstacles which impede the Freedom of Information Act.  American tax payers are supporting these agencies, we demand access to the information they gather.

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