Trump’s First 100 days: Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals

Fifth week of the Trump Presidency

  • Trump requested funding for 15,000 more immigration and border patrol agents.He has also requested that local police help with immigration deportation.
  • Trump excluded newspaper and TV organizations which he feels are spreading Fake News about him from attending a news briefing.(This action is unprecedented.)
  • Trump is spending his 4th weekend at Mar-a-Lago.
  • Trump removed federal protections for Transgender individuals to use the bathroom of the sex with which they identify saying it was best left to states.
  • Trump was tweeting from a location outside the situation room during the ill-planned Yemen raid which resulted in the death of a navy seal, the wounding of 4 other seals, and the death of over 30 civilians. (His indifference to this life and death situation is indefensible.)
  • Trump requested massive funding increases for the military to enable a huge military build-up. (He supports an increase and upgrade of nuclear warheads.)
  • Jeff Sessions continues to refuse to recuse himself from being part of the investigation involving Trump, his officials, and the Russians.
  • 6 White House staffers failed to pass FBI background checks and were escorted out. (Apparently no one bothered checking them before they were appointed.)
  • Bannon stated that he intended to deconstruct the government at the CPAC meeting (Conservative Political Action Committee)

2 thoughts on “Trump’s First 100 days: Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals

    1. Hi Nance,
      I don’t believe that you feel that Trump was a better choice. The last election had two candidates who were contenders, Trump and Hillary. The other candidates did not have any chance of winning the election. To my mind, not voting for Hillary was a vote for Trump. We now have a Trump presidency. Are you happy with the outcome? I am mortified. The question is, what will you do to help stop the attack on progressive legislation that people like me have fought for, for the last four or more decades.

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