Trump’s First 100 days: Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals

Second Week of the Trump Presidency

  • A failed military action initiated by Trump resulted in the death of a navy seal and perhaps up to 30 civilians including 10 women and children. Critics indicated that the strike had not been thoroughly planned and had not had sufficient intelligence gathering. Trump advisors tried to blame the Obama administration for the tragedy, but the facts revealed that the Obama administration had no involvement with this action.
  • Issued an executive order to require 2 regulations to be removed for any new one that is added.
  • Ordered the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to delete all information pertaining to the use of animals in federally funded research from its website. Even updates on court cases that have not been adjudicated were removed.
  • Failed to mention Jews on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  • Trump instructed his female staff to dress like women.
  • Trump has begun his assault on Dodd-Frank, the Wall Street Reform and Protection Act, a protection for American citizens.
  • Threatened to cut federal funding for U.C. Berkeley when outside agitators intervened in a peaceful student protest, a direct violation of 1st amendment rights.
  • Threatened consequences to Iran for launching a missile. The missile launch that was not prohibited in the treaty that was signed.
  • Argued with the Australian Prime Minister over treaty obligations requiring the U.S. to accept refugee

2 thoughts on “Trump’s First 100 days: Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals

    1. Hi Nance,
      I don’t believe that you feel that Trump was a better choice. The last election had two candidates who were contenders, Trump and Hillary. The other candidates did not have any chance of winning the election. To my mind, not voting for Hillary was a vote for Trump. We now have a Trump presidency. Are you happy with the outcome? I am mortified. The question is, what will you do to help stop the attack on progressive legislation that people like me have fought for, for the last four or more decades.

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