Trump’s First 100 days: Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals

Third Week of the Trump Presidency

  • Shut down the White House comment line. Afterwards he made the comment that no one was upset about the re-issuance of permits for the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline as he had received no comments.
  • Issued a unilateral directive to stop the addition of any new protections for health and safety, finance, the environment, or the workplace.
  • When questioned by a commentator about Putin’s war crimes including the mass killing of civilians and aggression against neighboring countries including the annexation of Crimea, Trump asserted that the U.S. was just as bad.
  • Vowed to destroy the Johnson amendment which does not allow religious organizations to participate in or intervene in any political campaign for or against a candidate if they want to keep their tax free status.
  • Claimed that over 70 terrorist attacks were unreported by the media. News media provided records that his statement was false.
  • Claimed that the military action in Yemen, which resulted in the death of a navy seal and possibly as many as 30 civilians, was a success.
  • Criticized Nordstrom for dropping his daughter’s clothing line.
  • During a gathering of sheriffs, a question was asked about search and seizure. A sheriff complained that a state senator wanted to prevent seizure until after a conviction. Trump asked for the name of the senator and then said he would destroy the senator’s career.
  • When deportations were begun in 6 states, trump said that estimates of 100 people being deported were grossly exaggerated. Over 160 were deported.
  • Continues to maintain that 1000’s of voters were bussed from Massachusetts to vote fraudulently in New Hampshire.
  • Re-implemented the Global Gag Rule which affects 27 million couples and women who can no longer receive contraception.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s First 100 days: Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals

    1. Hi Nance,
      I don’t believe that you feel that Trump was a better choice. The last election had two candidates who were contenders, Trump and Hillary. The other candidates did not have any chance of winning the election. To my mind, not voting for Hillary was a vote for Trump. We now have a Trump presidency. Are you happy with the outcome? I am mortified. The question is, what will you do to help stop the attack on progressive legislation that people like me have fought for, for the last four or more decades.

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