The Latest News from PCDCC for April 16, 2017

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Our general meeting last Thursday was well attended. We had a lot of discussion and are moving ahead on several actions:

1.  We authorized the donation of $100 to the Earth Day Committee. Now more than ever we must show support for the issues we care about. The Earth Day committee has taken the leadership in organizing events for the March for Science and the Climate March. They have also agreed to allow us to gather signatures for petitions and conduct voter registration at these events and the Love Thy Nature movie presentation on the 20th at the Town Hall Theater.  Please let me know if you would like to help PCDCC with these activities! 

2.  We also voted to purchase 50 yard signs that will be sold at cost for $6.00 each. These are the same signs that Tanya Henrich from Indian Valley Indivisibles has been providing. We think the movement should continue. Tanya has a few more left and ours will be coming sometime between Thursday, April 20 and Tuesday, April 25. Please consider buying one for yourself or someone else you know if you have not already done so!  Our signs will arrive and be available for purchase during at least some of the Earth Week activities!

3.  PCDCC has committed to hosting a Meet and Greet for the Democratic candidates who will be running campaigns against Doug LaMalfa. We have the meeting tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 21st. I have already sent out an event notice to the 4 candidates who attended the April 8 CD1 Meeting. I will be sending out requests for candidate bio's and issues which I will share with you when I receive them.

4. The Plumas County League of Women Voters has contacted Doug LaMalfa’s office. Office staff have indicated that they might be able to schedule a Town Hall in Plumas County during a later congressional recess. Please contact LaMalfa’s offices and let them know you would like to this opportunity to meet with him!

5. We have tentatively decided to begin providing public showings of political documentaries at the the beginning of next year. We are continuing to watch for good movies to share. Please let us know if you see one you would recommend! So far, we have: Inequality For AllPay 2 Play and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (Abridged?)

6.  Jim McClain has volunteered to help us improve our Plumas County Democrats website and connect our website to our Facebook pages. Gia, Stephanie, and myself will be meeting with Jim on Tuesday. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our website and Facebook pages, please let me know! 

PCDCC Calendar

Check our calendar for the latest events. Next up:

May 11 - Next PCDCC General Meeting from 6:30 -8:00PM at the Conference Room of the Quincy Library, located at 445 Jackson Street, Quincy. We hope to see you there. We need your help & support.

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