Notes from Chairwoman Faith:

When Trump assumed Office in January, I committed to keeping track of his first 100 days in office. I will no longer be providing the weekly summaries of the Trump Administration. I will try to focus more on LaMalfa and keep the LaMalfa Watch page updated more regularly.

The summaries of the first fifteen weeks will eventually be archived on the website which Jim has been updating under the title "The First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency". [webmaster note: the title is actually "Trump’s Lies, Falsehoods, and Assault on American Progressive Ideals"] Jim has also suggested that we use a newsletter format for our updates and notices. Expect to see some changes! I will be sending out this notice as I normally have, but I am asking Jim to provide a second version of this update as a newsletter so you can see the differences! And this is it.

I can't say enough about all the help that Jim has given our group in updating our technology! Thank you, Jim! Please be sure to tell us what you think! 

Saturday, April 29 marks the 100th day of the Trump administration. It was fitting that this day was also the nationwide Climate March. More than 200,000 people marched in Washington. Marches were held in hundreds of cities worldwide. We should get the totals for participants in the next few days!

Our local event included more than 50 committed individuals. It was wonderful seeing so many of you at the event! Bicyclists joined with everyone else for some good camaraderie and great presentations which increased our understanding of climate change. If you are looking to become more involved, please check out which is focused on federal passage of Carbon Fee and Dividend and, of course, keep track of new legislation that is being introduced to gut existing climate change mitigation legislation.

Check our calendar for the latest events.

May 5 is the next weekly People's Climate Movement rally at Dame Shirley Plaza, 4:30-5:30PM to discuss a plan for action.

May 7: Plumas Action Network Grassroots Organizing Event. This meeting is at the Quincy Library, 445 Jackson St. This is their second meeting, so it's not too late to start... It's never too late to start with PAN!

Bring a snack or drink, or share from the group.

May 11 - Next PCDCC General Meeting from 6:30 -8:00PM at the Conference Room of the Quincy Library, located at 445 Jackson Street, Quincy. We hope to see you there. We need your help & support.

A number of organizations have provided summaries of Trump's first 100 days. Please check them out from the list below.


• Education Votes: Eight reasons why Trump’s first 100 days set Civil Rights back 100 years

• Economic Policy Institute: The First 100 Days President Trump’s top priorities include rolling back protections to workers’ wages, health, and safety

• Huffington Post: Tired Of Winning Yet? Here’s What Trump’s Accomplished In 100 Days

• More from HuffPost: Trump's First 100 Days For women, femmes and allies 

Want more to read? Check out the following! 

Take an Earth Day Quiz from Conservation International! It is pretty informative!

Check out Trump's remarks at at the signing of the executive order to review monuments established under the antiquities act since 1996.

Nance Reed provided a Facebook video from 1 Million Women teaching us Earth Care!

And finally, James Henson from DeDoug CD1 shared a facebook post from LaMalfa regarding Trump's Antiquities Act order: 

Hi all
By now I'm sure you've read this message from LaMalfa, but if you haven't here's what he wrote on his Facebook page :

It is no secret that our tax code is over-complicated and burdensome for small businesses and individuals alike. As most Americans could attest, the supposedly simple task of filing your annual tax return is needlessly time-consuming and tedious - not to mention expensive for many individuals who enlist the help of outside assistance or services. Our tax code is broken and in need of comprehensive reform. I am glad that the President has presented his priorities and I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress and the Administration to lower taxes and fix our tax code. This will help to stimulate our economy, create jobs, and finally provide some relief for middle-income Americans.

I fully support the President's decision to review national monuments that had been aggressively expanded under the Obama Administration. Downsizing many of these monuments will help the Department of Interior to better manage our federal lands and allow land owners to better use their own private land. It is time to reform the Antiquities Act and return the power to designate and expand national monuments back to Congress. I look forward to working with President Trump and Secretary Zinke to increase access to public lands and boost rural economies.
Watch Live: I will be joining President Trump and Secretary Zinke at 11:20am ET/ 8:20am PT at the Department of Interior as the President signs a much-needed Executive Order to initiate a review of national monument expansions under the Antiquities Act.


Webmaster Note: The mailing lists have grown large and the work of composing a newsletter or update can sometimes be daunting. Faith has a huge workload and I hope that easing the burden of newsletters could give her time for other duties as our Chair and for personal endeavors. But I need your feedback. Your replies to this update will come to me and Faith, so let us know your thoughts. And please do take a moment to check out the improved accessibility to the website, your Thanks, Jim McClain, PCDCC Webmaster.