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Take Political Action: Contact LaMalfa, Feinstein, Harris

Make 6 contacts to legislators a day!


Watch LaMalfaOppose HR 861, which terminates the EPA. The EPA is essential to protecting our health. No corporation should be allowed to make a profit at the expense of the American public. Medical and environmental problems resulting from industrial pollution of our water, air, and soil and destruction of our natural resources are not acceptable.

Oppose HR 226, the African Elephant Conservation and Legal Ivory Act. This law applies to ivory obtained before 2014. It opens the floodgates to the sale and trade of illegal ivory and the continued slaughter of this incredible animal. American citizens are one of the worlds biggest consumers of elephant ivory. We are fueling the African elephant extinction (more…)

Resistance Resources

How to Get Out of the Cycle of Outrage in a Trump World

The following is an excerpt from The Huffington Post

If we live in a perpetual state of outrage, Trump wins.

Interfaith rally for Muslims & refugeesSo whatever you do, don’t just let yourself get stuck in the outrage storm — that particular weather pattern is likely to be here for a long time. Remember, you have the power to step out of the storm, think carefully about how best to channel your valuable energy, and then take action. And there are so many ways to do that.

Laura Moser is a freelance writer and mother in Washington, D.C. After the election, she found she couldn’t disengage. So to channel her energy, and that of others as well, she created Daily Action, a daily text people can sign up for that gives them one concrete and specific action to take. In just a matter of weeks, she’s amassed over 100,000 subscribers. One is Aaron Becker, an author from Massachusetts. “People are feeling fatigue,” he told the Washington Post. “We are not really designed as human beings to take on the responsibility of everything at once.” But since channeling his energy in a specific way, he’s gotten a measure of control back in his life. “Now I feel like I can turn off my browser window and do some work,” he said.

And there are plenty of other groups doing a similar thing — making it easy to channel that outrage in productive ways that can change outcomes.

Read the whole article on HuffPost here.

Other Resources

  • The Indivisible Guide bills itself as a “practical guide to resisting the Trump agenda,” and also shows you how to get involved with one of the over 4,500 local indivisible groups that have already been started.
  • 5 Calls gives you five calls that you can make in five minutes.
  • The Resistance Manual is an open source guide to taking action on a range of issues.
  • The First 100 Days Resistance Agenda – Robert Reich provides a template for a sustained and powerful opposition
    #ResistTrumpTuesday is a way to do more than call! Show up at their offices on Tuesdays!

Indivisible Weekly Actions

This Week’s 2 Indivisible Actions

If you’re raring to go now, here are two critical issues that local groups are already focusing on around the country:

1) Resist Trump’s Corrupt Cabinet Appointments

Republicans are trying to jam Donald’s racist, sexist, and corrupt cabinet nominees through the Senate confirmation process. Last week Congress tried to gut the ethics office, but they were forced to back down in response to thousands of constituent office visits and calls. This week they’re trying to ram through nominees who have not yet even completed an ethics review. To stop this, we need to make our voices heard again.

The fight starts in Committees, but your two senators will ultimately have a vote on each of these nominees. Make a plan to visit their offices this week to let them know you’re watching whether they stand up to Trump.

2) Defend Healthcare for All Americans

Trump and Republicans in Congress have already begun the process of dismantling the Affordable Care Act. They haven’t ever been able to come up with a replacement proposal, but they’re still moving forward with plans to deprive 30 million people of coverage. You can begin fighting back by calling at least one of your representative’s office numbers every day! Choose a different office each time you call! (Click on LaMalfa Watch for contact information.)